Creating Thoughtful Gifts in Amherst, NY Since 2022

Laser-engraved tumblers are our most popular products

Shopping for gifts can be stressful when your choices are basic and unoriginal. Thankfully, IGY6 Bladesmiths & Engraving provides laser engraving services that make it easy for residents of Amherst, NY, and the entire Buffalo, NY area to create personalized gifts for their loved ones.

Although we sell all kinds of gifts, most of our customers come to us for laser-engraved tumblers. These continue to be popular because they're easy to wash and can be taken on the go.

Get in touch with us for:

  • Custom tumbler engraving
  • Custom etched glassware
  • Custom door wreath services
  • Slate engraving services
  • Laser engraving cutting board services
  • Custom laser engraved bottle opener
  • Custom laser-engraved knives
  • Laser engraved knife services
  • Call (716) 579-4366 now to order a laser-engraved tumbler for your loved one or to inquire about a unique gift you're searching for. Police officers, IGY6 always has your six and you'll always get a 10% discount. IGY6 is a retired LEO owned and operated business.

    Need inspiration?

    Our laser engraving equipment allows us to add customized messages to wood, metal and other durable materials. This means we can personalize home décor, drinkware and even knives at our workshop in Amherst, NY.

    Wondering what to get your loved one for their birthday or another special occasion? Consider purchasing a...

    • Cutting board, to commemorate their marriage
    • Wreath, to hang on the front door of their new place
    • Custom item, to get them something they've always wanted

    If the occasion calls for a gift, skip the big-box retailers and shop local instead. Your satisfaction is our top priority.