Decorate Your Home With Personalized Artwork

Request custom door wreaths or slate engraving services in Amherst, NY

Want to add a rustic touch to your new place? Purchase a seasonal wreath to hang on your front door, or choose wall art with a supportive message carved in stone. IGY6 Bladesmiths & Engraving of Amherst, NY provides wood and slate engraving services using designs that our customers send us.

Engraving slate and wood requires precision, which is why we rely on state-of-the-art technology to carve messages into these materials. Once you've chosen an inspirational design, email it to us so we can start creating custom décor for your home.

How to customize a wreath

Interested in our custom door wreath services? We can make your wreath stand out by adding...

  • Seasonal flowers
  • Vinyl decals
  • Twine

Call (716) 579-4366 now to purchase a custom door wreath from a local business in Amherst, NY.